Enrollment Outreach Campaign

Enrollment Outreach Campaign

In the dynamic field of higher education, it is more important than ever to develop extraordinary personalized outreach to students boosts enrollment.

  • Upcoming Fall campaign in May-July
  • Upcoming Spring campaign in October - December
  • Upcoming Summer campaign in March - May

Mapped but Not Enrolled: An automated campaign runs at the end of each Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters by integrating with institutions student information system.

Enrollment Outreach View

Enrollment Outreach

  • Measuring the impact of Enrollment Outreach
  • Enrollment grew in all three semesters. There was an increase in enrollment rates of 2-5 percent in periods when our technology-based systems were in use compared with when these approaches were inactive.

  • Enrollment ROI
  • An increase in student enrollment can ultimately produce more net tuition revenue for an institution.

  • Conclusion
  • Yes, an investment in technology-based enrollment outreach will maximize new enrollments; nontechnological approaches may help identify harder-to-reach populations.