Student Success and Retention CRM

Achieve Platform - Core Modules

Achieve Modules

Student Success and Retention Platform

An end-to-end platform for higher education to recruit, retain, and
graduate more students on time.

Appointment Scheduling

Advisors/faculty/staff publish their appointment times directly in Outlook or Google calendar. Our two-way calendar sync feature will make appointments available to book for students in real-time.

Student Online Booking

Students can book appointments from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Appointment bookings will go straight into advisors/faculty/staff Outlook or Google calendar in real-time.

Virtual or Onsite Kiosk

Kiosks are ideal for one-stop or distributed student service centers. Students can check-in for scheduled/drop-in appointments by virtual kiosk, QR code scanning, or at the kiosk through student card swipe.

Queue & Case Management

We offer the best student-focused queue and case management solution for HigherEd. Use our intuitive interface to collect notes, upload documents, create referrals during face-to-face, zoom, or phone appointments.

Early Alert and Retention

Through progress report campaigns, faculty notify students who are exhibiting “at-risk” behaviors. When notified, the student, his or her advisor(s), and the Academic Support team are informed.

Survey and Analytics Reports

Create meaningful insights with data visualizations that drive student success and retention decisions. Surveys help you connect with students to find out exactly what they want, need, and expect.

Achieve your student success goals


Increase in
Academic Engagement



Increase in
Student Enrollment



Increase in
Student Retention &
Graduation Rate


Early Alert and Retention

Use Live LMS Data from your LMS systems like Canvas, D2L or Blackboard. With our early warning tracking system, struggling students get the timely interventions they need to get back on track for success in their college courses and programs of study.

Predictive Analytics

Use predictive modeling and machine learning to achieve strategic goals and gain insights into future outcomes. This intelligence gives staff a chance to intervene with at-risk students.

Engagement and Retention

Our platform facilitates more than 80,000 virtual/face-to-face visits with success coaches, advisors, and tutors each year, ensuring your students get the help they need to earn their degrees.




8 Million Appointments


9.5 Million Case Managements

3% - 15%

Increased Retention

A few of our Partner institutions

Student Services Departments

First-year adoption rates in various student service departments

Academic Advising, Retention, and Success Coaching 96%

96% Complete

Tutoring and Learning Centers 90%

90% Complete

Financial Aid and Office of the Registrar 88%

88% Complete

Math Learning, Reading, and Writing Center 85%

85% Complete

Admissions, Campus Tour, Onboarding, and Placement Tests 92%

92% Complete

Appointment Scheduling and Online Booking

Simplify the appointment scheduling and booking process and make it available for student 24/7.

Scheduling staff appointments is as easy as 1-2-3 with real-time two-way-sync with Outlook or Google Calendar. In addition to making scheduling simple and efficient for advisors, Achieve gives students the convenience of booking appointments anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Virtual or Onsite Kiosk

Intelligent and customizable self check-in options
Virtual or Onsite Kiosk

Equipped with our innovative self-service check-in system, student service centers are able to eliminate waiting time, better address student needs, and deliver optimal service while seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Graduate more students on time by identifying at-risk students and intervening early to facilitate success

Transform your student data into rich visuals to gain valuable insights on increasing operational efficiency, productivity, and student performance.

Track all interactions with students, record detailed advising notes, schedule follow-ups, and look up relevant student information.

Automated checkout surveys

Automated checkout surveys using Qualtrics or SurveyMonkey to collect direct feedback on student experience

Use the built in data analytics to evaluate important advising metrics, recognize smart, data-driven solutions, and assess how advising impacts students. Measure student satisfaction through automated checkout surveys and give your students the best advising experience possible.