Enhanced Case Management

With Achieve, advisors, faculty, and staff collaborate in an integrated system to provide proactive personalized support and to strengthen their relationships with students.

Case Management is a collaborative process of assessing, planning, and advocating for services that benefit students. Case Management relies on detailed advising notes and student records.

See the requirements of academic programs of study and make intentional referrals for students to other departments and services.

Intrusive advising involves personal contact with students to develop a caring relationship aimed at intervention. Our solution supports consistent direct contact with the faculty and LMS system to report and record the progress of students for better advising.

Varied student population, including first generation, commuter, and minority students, as well as those of diverse ages, ethnicities, abilities, and socioeconomic backgrounds, our success in advising is attributed to the use of our case management approach and intrusive advising methodology.

Achieve supports advocacy for policies that promote student success and evaluation and transparency of the advising process.

Case Management

Case Management Modules

Guidance at students’ most pivotal moments, simplifying and structuring their college journey.

Designed to call out the most important, actionable information to support holistic and strategic student care in a readable, user-friendly way to maximize student benefit during academic advising conversations.

Smart Student Profiles

360-degree view of the most actionable student data

Assigned campus-wide student support through early alerts, case referrals, reporting, and centralized interaction records, such as notes, documents, and scheduling.

Assigned Care Network

Support students through assigned, campus-wide efforts

Proactive advising is the process of anticipating the needs of students, identifying students with these needs, and conducting targeted outreach to address concerns early and often.

Campaign Management

Proactively plan, execute, and track ongoing academic advising efforts

An early warning system to identify students who need additional assistance to succeed and target interventions to help ensure at-risk students stay on track.

Predictive Analytics

Use live LMS data for progress insights and predictive analytics

Smart Note taking for the whole college


In-Person Appointments








Case Management Modules

We offer a feature rich student-centered queue and case management solution to support student success and retention.

Smart Student Profiles

Designed to call out the most actionable information to support holistic and strategic student care in a readable dashboard to maximize their time during academic advising conversations.

Referrals + Follow-ups

Refer students to other advising centers with their questions in advance and schedule recurring meetings with them all in one advising session. Help advisors campus-wide prep for their next meeting.

Advising History

See what previous advising sessions have covered and what the student still needs help with. Refresh and recall past appointment sessions with students to better advise them and to help them reach their degree goals.

Targetted Interventions

Ensure at-risk students stay on track. Advisors can perform a real-time lookup into a student's academic performance to identify where students are experiencing difficulty in their course work.

SMS/Text + Email Notifications

Send notifications to students automatically about upcoming appointments and what they might have to prep to make the appointment smoother. Reach students where they are -- on their phones!

Advising Notes

Easily create notes for all types of appointments: In-person, Zoom, Teams, Email and attach relevant documents to an appointment session. Categorize your appointments with dynamic forms.

Unified Queue & Case Management

Case management,at its very core,is about helping students to overcome the obstacles they encounter in their lives.

This is central to the educational mission of most institutions of higher education, which seek to retain students and provide them with an environment conducive to academic success. Case management can serve as a keystone mechanism through which colleges/universities support and keep students safe.

Case management is a solution focused approach to assisting students with a wide variety of needs and engage them in effective problem solving.

Advising and Note Taking

  • Real-time view of the checked-in queue
  • Single click to check-in scheduled appointments
  • Check-in for In-person, Virtual, Email, Phone appointments
  • Collect detailed advising notes during the session
  • Upload documents and make it visible for students
  • Real-time LMS lookup during the advising session
  • Create follow-up/referral and associated workflows
  • Single click to view student information system data

Advising Centers

  • Academic Advisors
  • Faculty Advisors or Instructors
  • Academic Counselors
  • Athletics Advisors
  • Librarians
  • Admission Counselors
  • Financial-aid Advisors
  • Student Success Coaches