Appointment Campaigns

Proactive advising is the process of anticipating the needs of students, identifying students with these needs, and conducting targeted outreach to address concerns in a timely manner.

Appointment campaigns offer a tool to promote proactive advising. In addition to providing students with a unique quick appointment scheduling link, appointment campaigns provide advisors with a tool to manage student compliance with appointments and send reminders to students still needing to schedule.

Additionally, campaigns allow advisors to dedicate time for campaign appointments within their appointment availability.

Identify the Target Student Group: Select the option that best meets your needs and services.

  1. Upload student ID’s to create a watch list/student tags, then send a campaign using this information.
  2. Use the "Notification Hub" to identify students that meet a specific criterion, then send a campaign to those students.
  3. Utilize an assigned advisee list displayed on the advisor home page.
  4. Conduct an advanced find with "Notification Hub".

Campaign Options

  • Registration advising
  • Re-enrollment for the upcoming term
  • Major declaration (for exploratory track or pre-major students)
  • Academic standing (probation, returning from suspension, etc.)
  • Students with a downward trending GPA
  • Lack of advising interaction for the semester
  • Senior check-ins / graduation threshold
  • Exchange/Transfer students who are preparing to return
  • Mandatory group meetings / group advising
  • Early alert campaign students
  • Students who mapped courses but are not yet registered for them

Campaign Management Hub

Our campaign management hub allows you to target certain groups of students with our filters and save those student lists for future appointment campaigns. Contact students via text, email, or both. Broaden your reach for appointment booking and get in touch with students who are otherwise difficult to reach.

Appointment Campaign FAQ

Campaigns are a way to reach a specific group of students to help them schedule appointments. Students in a campaign will receive an email with a link to schedule an appointment based on staff availability (which a staff can designate specifically for the campaign). Campaigns track students who have completed appointments and allow you to resend the invitation only to those who have not scheduled an appointment.

Yes, the goal of any campaign is to create a focused way for students to schedule appointments within specific constraints set by the advisor. Designating specific appointment times for a given group of students would be a typical use of the campaign functionality.

Yes, you can text or email prospective students who have made an appointment or came for a walk-in session.