Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling - How it works

To schedule appointments, use your Outlook or Google calendar as normal. Appointment Manager work by directly linking to your Outlook or Google calendar in real-time. Appointment scheduling and student booking has never been easier.

We make IT easy and here's how it works:

  • Step 1. Advisors publish their available times for appointment in Outlook or Google calendar.
  • Step 2. Students can view and book appointments from anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Step 3. Students bookings go straight into their advisors Outlook or Google calendar in real-time.

Partner Site - Training Videos:

Create appointment

Appointment Manager takes the #Tagged# appointments from your Outlook/Google calendar and makes it available for student bookings.

Faculty and advisors can create appointments in Outlook/Google calendar and view student bookings from their smartphone, tablet, Mac or PC.

Advisor submitting available appointment times in Outlook. For Google calendar follow the same steps.


Online Appointment Booking

Empower students to self-schedule. Students can view and book appointments online that go straight into an advisors Outlook/Google calendar in real-time.

Our mobile first web accessibility first mantra and inclusive practice in design makes the student portal available to all students with abilities and disabilities.

Options for site branding to reflect your institution's identity. Branding includes logos, colors, and styles.

After Appointment Booking

After booking following changes will happen to advisors Outlook and Google calendar:

1. Color of the Appointment will change to green

2. The appointment subject line will be replaced with StudentID, Name, Phone and E-Mail Address

3. Body of the appointment will get updated with appointment questionnaires and past advising notes

Upon appointment booking, advisor's Outlook get updated in real-time. Same with Google calendar